Where is the Sickle Cell Diva??

Hello Sickle Cell Friends and Family!! It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about anything here on my blog. I guess I should have posted a little something regarding my disappearance. Well for the most part I am doing OK. I’m still getting transfusions about every three months and taking it one day at a time. However I haven’t stop writing about living with sickle cell anemia. Matter of fact I write more now than I ever have before in my life. However I have decided not to put it here on the blog. Well not just yet. For the last year or so I have been taking all my sickle cell notes, daily experiences, and thoughts, feelings and medical encounters and putting it in a book!! Yep I am writing a book and I am happy to say I have half the manuscript typed and printed (not yet edited though)

I get so many questions on Facebook and in my email (sicklecelldiva@gmail.com) that I decided to write about life with sickle cell anemia.  So even though there is no current blog post for 2016….Just know the book is not far. And for those who know I am a painter at heart please feel free to visit Me over at :

AtizayLife ( Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook) to catch up on my latest art creations! God Bless~~

Who’s Your Doctor??

Medical care in 2015 is the most difficult and costly part of living with Sickle Cell Anemia. Not only do we must be able to effectively and efficiently communicate with ALL medical staff, we MUST be on the hunt, the search, the endless journey of locating quality medical care. To find someone whom is genuinely concerned about your well being. Someone whom does not see you as a number or a drug seeker ..,,someone whom looks you in your eyes, examines you, asked you meaningful questions to get to know you and your sickle cell life style.
I feel like I hit the lottery today…Today I found my new sickle cell doctor here in Las Vegas and I just want to scream it from the roof tops!!

Hello World of Sickle Cell!!!~~

Well no doubt it has been a very …very long time since I posted anything on my blog so allow me to knock the blogging dust off!! I stepped away from blogging to dive into the world of Art!! OMG what a deep. Colorful, exciting rabbit hole it is! I will be posting things for the rest of my life on that topic alone. Painting is officially my long lost love…

But back to the life of a, “SickleCellDiva”…I have so much to share and so much to give from my painful, yet vibrant full life. So hold on, grab the popcorn, and curl up with your electronic devices and enjoy my continuous journey living with Sickle Cell Anemia~~

Tedious New Year work!


Every January I take inventory of what a I have…what I’m not using…what I want to donate or pack up.

Living with sickle cell its important to stay organized. I got new garment bags to replace my old ones…to preserve my well invested tailored suits and outfits. I dont always have the financial means to get a new outfit…maintaining what I already have is a must!

So out with the old or pack it up…Happy 2013~

It’s All on Me

Wow…2012 has been an exciting, hard, difficult, painful and one of a kind journey…And its been all on Me. From maintaining my home for all “Seven” of my wonderful kids to embarking on a more detailed journey in the art world.

I had several trips to the hospital (2 by ambulance) this year and so wonderful peaceful moments with my grandson…my art…and at our new church home…

Its been All on Me to keep things going and deal with the hectic life of living with Sickle Cell Anemia but I did it!! And I’m still doing it. Pain and ALL….I love my life, My children & Myself and I’m looking forward to a New & Exciting 2013~

Good~Bye 2012~!!!

Hello All in the lovely world of “Blogging:!! It’s been awhile since I posted and this is way long over due….I just gotta say living with sickle cell, being a single parent ( it would have been 16yrs with my husband if he was still alive this November 3rd) and attempting to live a somewhat normal life…Ok this is just impossible with the amount of pain, medication’s, and limitations. But I am still here by the grace of God!!

Eating healthy, drinking healthy fluids & water continuously and staying stress free is HARD!! I do have my moments of weakness and I have that Sprite soda, or those McDonald french fries, and I sometime skip that high blood pressure pill by accident. It’s a difficult life style and my blood never stays at the ideal levels for Me (8.5 & Up) ….

But as I say good-bye to another year I know I am blessed to be here and although there is so much to complain about this genetic disorder from HELL…I am so very Thankful for each and every second I take a breath…Good~Bye 2012 its been a great journey ( My grand-baby, My Art class, My new friends in My Art class, My one year anniversary with my Benz, My daughter’s first job & car,…OMG my 2012 list is sooooo long) Good Bye…It’s been a blast!!

I Know Your Coming & You Don’t Scare Me~

By the age of seven I was all too familiar with a extremely sever sickle cell crisis. The long nights in pain, my parents taking turns through-out the night massaging me with warm baby oil and having me drink jellow-water, tossing & turning in unthinkable pain for a child. I just could not figure out how such a painful thing could be inside a little body like mine, causing so much termoil.

I would sit on the the top steps in our two-story home for days holding my favorite doll waiting for the pain to show up…..”I Know it’s Coming!” I would always tell myself as if it was creeping around the dark corner getting ready to scare the crap out of me as soon as I closed my eyes.

Damn, as I think back I was terrified just about each and everyday holding my breath waiting for the pain to arrive and turn my world inside out. And it seemed each and everytime my little mind would forget about it for a split second and I go play in my uncles backyard full of plums that fell from the tree….the pain would come slamming into me like a truck out of control down hill. I would scream, kick, cry, and just roll around in pain. My poor parents did everything possible to ease my pain which would show up just about every month.

One afternoon as I layed on the patio chair in the back yard around mid summer, I woke up in a full crisis. I had to be around fifteen years old. For years I was always scared of them (the sickle cell crisis) showing up, scared of the pain taking me by surprise and catching me off guard, keeping me out of school and that particular summer day as the pain flooded my entire skinny body, I finally came to terms with having this horrible diease and said out loud as my dad was picking me up to put me in the car for a trip to USC Medical…”I Know Your Coming & You Dont’ Scare Me”…stupid sickle cell!!

Long Summer


Its been a long summer…started with a horrific sickle cell crises the first week of July and a virus from hell the first week og August….But My blood count is 9.4!! I am walking proof there is a God and I’m very blessed ~

Out of Total Hibernation !!

Its been awhile since I blogged! I have been not only in my “Painting Zone” but just in Total Hibernation  mode!! Having a few sickle cell crisis along the journey which is normal for the winter months for Me, I had one trip to urgent care and one transfusion back in October. I must say its been a slow and actually fun winter for me and I am welcoming and enjoying all parts of spring. I’ve replinshed my body scrubs to get my skin ready for spring and summer and I am pulling back the curtains!

My favorite find thus far is my “Skinnygirl Lip Scrub”..OMG!! I love this stuff it gets rid of all the extra layers of skin on my lips which is a constant issue due to the sickle cell, and this lip scrub leaves my lips silky smooth. And I top it off with the “Skinnygirl Plumping Lipgloss”..Yep I am a Total Diva coming out of Total Hibernation~