My Blood List

sickle_cell_anemia2.jpgGetting a blood transfusion took sometime to get use to. Living with Sickle Cell Anemia is all I know. Watching my body have days of sever pain, exhaustion, weakness, constant dehydration has been a way of life for 41 years now. Understanding that the days of low blood means, “Be Still”, drink lots of water, put healthy things in my body, and be in communication with my doctors. This has not always been so clear for me. Not with the men, the kids, work, and basic life things, fast foods on every corner……I would end up in the emergency room many many days and nights screaming my head off in pain that there is just no words for.
These days I have realized eating good which means as natural as possible and understanding when I get my transfusions I MUST get certain things done before it starts to decline. Well the last two days I have painted the walls on the stairs in my two-story house, cut the grass (front yard only), got all boys clothes washed and organized, got my shopping list and coupons ready for my monthly shopping, washed the sheets on my bed, and gave my hair a deep conditioning. Each and everyone of these are pretty much impossible as my blood starts to drop. I operate in a ghost fashion and let things just sit where they are until I can get transfused. I have learned to make my famous, ” Blood List” because I would not spend that wonderful energy wisely in the past and before I knew it I was laying around once again in pain, house a mess, dirty clothes everywhere, and having to take many pain pills to get just a few things done for example, shower, fix dinner, do my hair, go to the store…just to name a few.
My Blood List have become a regular now just as my shopping list and I only do these things the first week I get my transfusion. Then I start to pace myself and get the things done that don’t require a lot of moving around. When my blood count is high I am more focused, my memory is more sharp, and I feel like a superhero!!!

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