Crawling Into MY Pain!!!!

Baby Boy Crawling Clipart

The Emergency room is crowded….I am peeking out of the blanket I brought from home and breathing from behind the yellow doctors mask. The new metal wheelchairs are uncomfortable but the pain I am in makes them just a simple chairs on wheels. Pain is shooting through my legs, my arms, heart feels like its going to jump out my chest and run down the hallway. Same old questions..what medications are you? what are you allergic to? on a scale of 1-10 where is your pain. SMDH….I hate emergency rooms, and by the time I go through the same-o-same-o questions and land in a bed my 21 year old son wheeled me to, next to this loud ghetto talkin, every other word swearin female on one side. And a loud and very sick, coughing, sneezing, throwing up toddler….I have Crawled inside my pain.

Its bad. Real bad…as if someone as stepped inside me by mistake and they are ripping me to shreds to get out. My body shakes laying there on the slim,narrow, hospital bed. And my son is passing back and forth with his Ipod in one hand and his cell phone in the other, texting, watchin YouTube, and talkin to the nurses all at the same time.

The next 20minutes I lay there shaking, tears rolling down my face not many but a few that showed pain and I was a couple. And by the time the first shot of Demerol hit I felt the doors of my pain open and I proceeded to crawl out and sleep…a deep sleep until the IV bag filled my bladder and woke me up.

As I made my way down the hall with IV bag in hand looking for the nurses station I pass many curtains with families, children, elderly all sick and needing medical attention. I found the station, got directions to the restroom, and wobbled my way back to my cold narrow hospital bed with a nurse quick on my heels.

A warm smile and a concerned look, she asked me,”would you like another shot half Demerol and half morphine? I shake my head yes and laid back down and pulled the covers over me. And told her to wake me in 30mins and call my son who is sleep outside in my truck so we can go home.

Feeling that last shot flow threw my veins, and the cool parking lot air at 4:45am I knew I had just enough time to shake off the effects of the shots before my other six kids woke for school and to start my day~

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