One with the Needle!!

Crisis Another trip to the doctors, moving slow and just want to stay in bed. But I roll myself out of bed, throw on yesterdays clothes, slap some gel in my hair yelled to my boys who I homeschool (K.J.=7 & Isaiah=11)gather my organizer, current medication, bottled water (never leave home without it) sunglasses an extra sweatshirt since all doctor’s offices are cold and we head out. I roll throw McDonalds for the boys and head to Kaiser.

Sitting in these rooms waiting for the doctor to show up are all to familiar. From the age of 5 I have waited for the person in the white coat to arrive (that’s a totally different blog for another day) Once Dr.Kohl shows up he can see the extra flutter my heart is having since its shaking my entire body while I am sitting there as still as possible. So one EKG later we review my labs….kidneys and liver are getting a good beating from the “sickle cells” that are flooding them whenever I have a crises….yep they are plugging holes in them causing my wonderful kidneys to spill protein..too bad I couldn’t scoop up the spilled protein and put it back into my body and take the cells that are looking like cork screws and magically turn them into winning lotto tickets!!! So my kidneys are working at 50% and my liver has damage but luckily it can regenerate itself to work better…lol providing it doesn’t get beat-up anymore by my crisis.

So off to the lab I go for testing and the normal CBC count. Now on a good day my blood is 8.3 YEAH that’s wonderful when its that high…however last week it was 7.5 and yep its dropping I feel a transfusion coming real soon. So my number is up and the lab tech “Bert” who is known to be one of the best and get a good vain on the first try was his normal cheerful self…until no blood was coming out that little butterfly needle he went and got after the first try wasn’t successful. So he turns and moves that wonderful need around trying to hit a vein…but no luck, so he switches arms. And again no luck …LOL yep he’s thumbing and tying that plastic thing on my arm so tight I couldn’t even feel my fingers. So after abandoning the usual areas of both arms he decided to go in between the wrist and elbow ….that long area there …..he rubs and rubs and thumps and by the 5th try he finally got it!! YEAH…poor man he looked defeated. He had no idea me and needles go way back and are “ONE”!

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