Winter is HERE along w/The Pain!!!

Just finish watching TV and out of nowhere the pain came slamming into my legs. So ok I take one HYDROCODONE (VICODIN) and one HYDROMORPHONE (MORIPHINE)30mins later the pain is slamming into my arms….ok so I get dressed in my thermal/bike-rider wear, my comfortable sweat suit..I try to make sure I put on clothes that they can put an IV in me without me freezing too death. Then I layer my socks,grab my cell phone, keys,and purse and make it downstairs…I knock on my 21year old son’s door no answer and the pain is flying around inside me like a Ford F150 trying to get out so I don’t wait for him to wake up and I hop in my truck and drive myself to the emergency room.

When I get there the receptionist is missing in action and this poor security guard see’s my long black scarf wrapped around my face, gloves, jacket and big tears streaming down my eyes and he begins to search for the check in clerk….about 5minutes later she shows up, I fill out the paperwork and write SICKLE CELL CRISES in big bold letter with my shaky hands. Ok I know she has no idea what that means cause she looks at me and says there is a 3hour to 5hour wait and do I want to make an appointment for in the morning…smdh!! I look at her and tell her NO when they read what I wrote I wont be waiting long because if I do I will go into a STROKE!! She looked at me, took the paper and slid it in the intake nurses window…

I sat down directly in front of the security guard so he can keep an eye on me in case I pass out cause the pain is getting real bad now and the tears are coming faster. By the time I get comfortable in this hard chair I hear my name called,”DIONNE DAVISON”! I get up real slow feeling the oxygen leaving my every breath and make it to the chair for her to take my blood pressure. Well they get me a bed, oxygen, and two nurses to find a vein on me to start an IV. Took them 4 tries (Yes 4 painful pokes) and then came the Morphine (which I hate) at this point the doctor comes in and says Ms.Davison your blood count is 6.7 we need to trans fuse you . LOL I said OH!! That’s HIGH!! I thought I was around 5.9 or less…Just give me another pain shot and I will be on my way!! Well he said nope the ambulance is on its way over to drive you to Lancaster Community so you can get 2 units of blood! I said, “Are you serious”?? I just need you to stop the pain!! He said yes I am serious so at that point I call my son and he is not answering…so I called my sister all the way in Las Vegas who from there got a hold of my son I told him to come to the hospital and get my keys for my truck that will be parked at Kaiser and I closed my eyes and waited for the ambulance to transport me….

Now these guys work long hours, and some are friendly, some are not. These wasn’t and both was old enough to be my kids!! But they got me to this old run down hospital, and got me a bed and left and as soon as I put my shoes under the chair and my cell phone in my pocket this male nurse comes over and says how bad is your pain? I said its still a 10!! And before I can get that out he placed more pain meds in my IV….

Once my son came and got my keys and purse I kept my eyes close so the room would stop spinning. The pain was there but its now in the back ground.And I can now here the voices of all the nurses, the charge nurse, and the people that was already in the emergency room, I began to take note of all the different aliments, and issues, which nurse was cool and professional, which one was cold and should not be there.And guess what I got the one that should not be there. His name was David, he had to be about 55yrs old and things he knows everything…I Hate those kinds…

But this is the kicker the Emergency Room doctor comes over and pulls my eye open as if I am some dead body on a slab of brick!! I sat up and asked him is that his professional side or I don’t give a damn side?? He said OH I am sorry Ms. Davison I thought u was sleep!! I said rather I was or not you don’t come up to a sick patient and pull there eye open !! Are you crazy?? Well needless to say he got away from me real quick and wrote orders for me to be admitted. I told him write all you want once the second bag of blood is done I am going home and you can give someone else my bed. I heal a lot faster at home in my own environment!!!

As this Nurse who refused to give me plain IV fluids after the transfusion was over, was pulling out my IV and telling me well you wanted to go home so you don’t get the IV fluids…..I just looked at him and said well I am sure Administration would enjoy knowing this and got up with the help of my son who was there now and proceeded to assist me as we walked out the double doors and I looked at him and well, “Winter is here and so is the pain”!!

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