“House Nurse”

For all my sickle cell family most don’t think of whom to speak to in a time of severe pain, nor do you have the time or brain power to figure out what, when, and why….when a serious sickle cell crisis hits! Just about every single time the pain is so intense all you are seeking is relief from the pain.

Over the years I have found it less stressful when a family member goes with me. Now this cant be your soft spoken, timid type family member, but it is best they are stern, articulate, and able to communicate for you.

It’s important to know what your allergic to, what pain medication works best for you, and what is YOUR Sickle Cell protocol that gives you relief when an episode hits hard.

Now over the years I have always ran into the “Uneducated” staff person at hospitals regarding sickle cell. There are many medical personnel that has no idea how to treat a sickle cell patient. When this happens, and it will, its best to ask for a, “charge nurse”. Now a good charge nurse will know how to help manage your pain, and get you as comfortable as possible, however there are charge nurses (whom is the main nurse on that particular floor or area)that will not make you comfortable, and will be rude and cold. If any of these should occur and sometimes unfortunately it does, well guess what there is what you call a, “House Nurse”! This nurse is over ALL the nurses in the hospital.

Be sure to have someone there to speak for you or have your protocol on a index card, along with your medications, current sickle cell complications, what you take for pain at home and what is usually administered when you get to a emergency room (mine is 75-100 cc of Demerol)~

It’s important to be able to communicate to any and ALL medical personnel when you have a sickle cell crisis. If you cant, have someone who can and that knows your medical history, and can speak on your behalf. My 21 year old son does a great job and knows my health status.

I had a recent run in with a extremely rude emergency room charge nurse. While I was in the emergency room I got on my Blackberry and called the CEO of the hospital. Although I was in some serious pain I had my wits about me and wasnt going to stand for unprofessional care in a hospital I have been going to for several years.

Of course they tried to call me back but everyone heard my detailed, and pain filled conversation with the secretary to the CEO, reporting this rude and unprofessional charge nurse. And shortly after my call the RN also know as the Nurse Practitioner came over, ordered labs, I.V.’s, and pain medication.

When I got home the next day, several calls was on my answering machine from this hospital. One from the emergency room, it was the manager over the nurses, and the other was from “guest relations”. Both messages was apologizing and requesting my call back to them.

Once home filling like the most powerful women in the world with my new blood and antibiotics flowing threw me, I returned both phone calls and filed a grievance against that particular charge nurse. And was given a personal number to contact if I should run into anymore trouble with that particular charge nurse, as well as the number (extension) to the “House Nurse”. For ALL future unprofessional conduct when dealing with my sickle cell crisis. ~

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