Modern Day Vampire

Days of moving slow, kinda like in slow motion, quicksand,weights on the ankles are starting to show up every three to four months….and as any slow moving episode I get myself to the lab to get a current CBC. Unless the pain comes knocking at my door like a swat team on crack then I basically run (with the help of my 21 year old son and my truck) to the nearest emergency room. There I know for a fact I will find several things:
1.) At least 1 or more medical staff that has no idea what the basic protocol for dealing with a “Sickle Cell” patient.
2.) Lack of understanding what the pain is like for a sickle cell patient from one or more medical staff
3.) Oxygen, I.V. fluids,Pain meds….
4.) Possible some type of infection
5.) And last but not least, “Fresh Blood”!!

As this blood drips into my veins, my color begins to come back, my brain begins to process thoughts faster, sharper, an quicker, my heart starts to beat on rhythm, and once again I feel life without pain.

And only if this last for a short time or a long time I do know these finds will repeat itself many many more times in my life time. Due to the simple fact my red blood cells die off before they get back to my heart and the reality of this is in order for me to get up, cook, go pay bills, shop for my family and attempt to salvage the life span of my vital organs, (kidneys, liver, and heart)I must get transfused and allow life to flow in my veins, and although I do not suck the life out of another person’s neck, I just look as though someone ….some kind soul decided to “give” me their blood so I can continue on with my life…..with this said I do very much sometime feel like a, “Modern Day Vampire”~ Copyright © 2010

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