Living MY Life Like its Golden

IMG_1321 YaY!! I am officially 42 years old now and although living with sickle cell is a daily challenge it is not my entire life. With the daily pains, constant tiredness, and complications I manage to stop and smell the roses! With my seven children and grand baby on the way I am always busy with something. This summer my ex-husband/bestfriend  and I will be doing alittle construction on the house…I am so excited (do not forget to check back for the updated picks on how this project takes place). We are also planning a few trips which can be alittle tricky in the hot months. But staying hydrated, and keeping all my meds close by helps.




I Love the summer time however it is a hard time for sicklers, matter of fact all extreme weather is difficult but if  you know how your body works, and can maintain and regulate your temperature, and heart rate then you know when to take cover, take off, sit down, or get up! Sipping on cool new drinks to come up with are another favorite and finding the right combination with little to no sugar and preservatives is the trick. Supplying my body all year long with healthy and healing nutrients is a hobby and a way of life. “Tropical Sangria” is my new venture drink this summer ( but I am still working on just the right combo….when I get it I will post it) To all my sicklers out there, please dont forget to go outside and let the sun hit your skin, take in deep breaths of fresh air, smile and hug your family and live your life like its golden! Blessing & Love~

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  1. juan says:

    I too am living my life like it is golden! (My theme song) I am so proud of you and all that you have done. I am not a sickler, but I am by your side not matter what. know that in my life you are golden…

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