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Lately I’ve been getting a lot of personal emails about eating. This is a constant topic in the SCD world and in all honesty it is something that takes time if you have not lived your life eating healthy.
Well there are so many things now available for better living and healthier living. But my best advice is preparing things from scratch and eliminate sugar and starch is the key. “Sorghum Molasses” is also known with to aide with dealing with sickle cell. I plan on using it in all my foods once I locate a dependable place to purchase it. Since I live kind of far from the average stores I will more than likely purchase it on the net.

When it comes to drinks, making homemade juices are my favorite. The Jack Lalanne juicer is my all time favorite 🙂

Healthy proteins are another good direction to go. ….skinless poultry, broiled fish, lean meat ( however any kind of red meat is difficult with Sickle Cell ppl to digest since we take pain meds our intestines shut down often, making it difficult for food to pass threw), steam tofu, egg whites or substitute, low fat dairy products. I find that the less things in the ingredient section of a item is the healthiest. Also whole wheat grain, fruits and vegetables. I don’t eat white rice, but I do eat brown rice and “quinoa” you can find it at Trader Joe’s and a few other market places. I stay away from all chemical drinks (energy drinks, Gatorade, sodas, etc.One of my favorite drinks is “Dynamo Plus Calcium” at Trader Joe’s) It’s hard if you haven’t eaten this way all your life but it can be done. And even on the days I don’t feel so well I still try to make it a point to go outside and take deep breaths of air. Hope this info helps!
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