No doubt it is summer, hot, and for us sicklers just darn right uncomfortable. And staying “Hydrated” is a daily task to accomplish. If possible I try my best to stay in a cool (not cold) comfortable location. No not under the air condition because that will no doubt send me to the hospital, but rather in my corner recliner with my Sam’s club super fan on across the room pointed in my direction. If any of my readers are active in sports please keep in mind it is always best to consume fluids before, during, and after activities.

My personal favorite beverage, well one of them is “Electrolyte Enhanced” water from Trader Joe’s. I personally stay away from Gatorade and drinks of that nature. Living with sickle cell I watch my activities and my heart rate and try not to over exert myself when it gets really hot and I stay at a relaxing pace. Nope this is not easy but it is a way of life for me. If I am feeling thirsty then I am already dehydrated, so I sip on water and favorite beverages all day and throughout the night.

To avoid dehydration, pay close attention to your thirst, drink with every meal, drink what you enjoy and is healthy for you, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and keep a water bottle close by at all times.

Relax, stay cool, and drink up~

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