Hydroxyurea & Sickle Cell

Lately I have been getting a great deal amount of emails regarding “Hydroxyurea”. Do I take it? Are there side effects? What are my views on it? Well here is my opinion regarding, “Hydroxyurea”….
Yes I take it! And back in 1996 my oncologist put me on three pills a day and it made me so sick, throwing up, nausea, light head, so I stopped taking it! As for me that was a big mistake. I wish I would have kept taking it and just adjusted the doses but at the time I was going through escrow, my husband was very sick and later was diagnosed having a inoperable brain tumor, so I just threw those pills out! If I would have kept taking them my crisis would have become less often, and so would my pain and just maybe not so much damage to my kidneys. As of now my kidneys have sustained a great deal of damage from the sickled cells over the years along with my lungs. Just maybe my organs would be in better condition if I would have stayed with it.

Since I have been on Hydroxyurea I can tell my blood count has increased and my energy has gradually picked up. My fetal hemoglobin has increased and this summer I have had only one night of pain. Now prior to Hydroxyurea I was getting transfused every 2-3 months, my blood count would be 9.0 after a transfusion then drop down to 6.1- 5.9 in 2 to 3 months. As of now my count is holding steady at 8.1 and I am loving it.

I am no doctor but I strongly believe if I would have kept taking it back in 1996, I would have better “organ function” now. So I am a fan of Hydroxyurea and I will continue to take it.
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  1. carmia green says:

    I am currently taking it. Yes at first I felt so sick but I got adjusted to them. Now my count is always 10.0-9.4 and I can tell that it is helping me alot. I am still suffering from shedding hair but that is okay as long as I am not having a crisis and not in the hospital.

  2. Alana says:

    I have sickle cell as well, and tried hydroxyurea….I stopped taking it due to the toxic side effects.
    Diva, hydroxyurea probably CAUSED your kidney damage…It’s a definite side effect.

    Take a look at the link and info below:

    Kidney Failure
    When hydroxyurea works effectively, many blood cells die. Cell death creates toxic levels of certain waste products in the blood, like uric acid. High levels of uric acid cause nephropathy, or kidney damage. Without timely and appropriate medical care to reduce uric acid toxicity, permanent kidney damage can occur, resulting in kidney failure.

    Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/145018-side-effects-of-hydroxyurea-in-sickle-cell-anemia/#ixzz23jAlVF00

    • Dionne says:

      My kidneys were failing way prior to my doctors putting me on Hydroyurea…..my kidneys are damaged due to the sickled cells puncturing holes in them….and I am on a very low dosage due to my kindey issues…but thanks for the information..and thanks for checking out my site 😉

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