Engage… Educate….& Encourge~!~

Over the past year I have been sharing with the world or whomever find their way to my blog (http://www.sicklecelldiva.com) my physical encounters with life with sickle cell anemia. My painful journey, mental state of mind,emotional highs and lows, and lack of public awareness has all been documented here in my personal blog.

There are 1000’s of stories about sickle cell and so many end with sadness. I wanted people to know that life with sickle cell can be hard, difficult, a crazy as hell challenge, but let me serve as some form of hope, some form of education and understanding. Know that the doctors told my parents when I was five that I would not make it to see my “19th” birthday( that really cracks me up). The fact that I was never suppose to have children, and I have a house full!!

I want my journey to be uplifting, full of information, examples, and the down right, “How is she doing that truth”. I know my way of living may not be the best or for everyone, but like I keep saying, “I am 42, mother of seven, and alive and living with Sickle Cell Anemia”.

Telling one person, and they tell a person, and they tell a person is building awareness. I plan to put my blog…this blog in a book for all to read as well as things I have not shared here. I get so many emails about what I eat, how I do certain things, it’s just time to put it on paper.

I thank each and every person whom has visited this wonderful blog creation of mine and allowing me to:

“ENGAGE” YOU…”EDUCATE” YOU…”ENCOURAGE” YOU…to raise the awareness about “US” whom live with sickle cell anemia!
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  1. poeticjourney says:

    I don’t know if you accept awards, but I nominated you for one because I believe you have been BLESSING to me. I haven’t came across a lot of peoples on here with the diease and is willingly to share there story. God Bless

    If you do get the chance please do check out my post about the reward, God Bless You

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