~The Mind, Body, & Soul

In order for me to be physically & emotionally alert, mentally & spiritually aware I realized becoming in tuned to my body, my mind and my soul before, “during”, and after a sickle cell crisis was a priority, just as eating and sleeping.

Practicing “Making a Conscious” effort to building a solid relationship with yourself and breaking the emotional tug of war you have with yourself, and finding inner peace daily has become a #1 Rule of mine.

Most people with sickle cell have great and deep time zones of sadness and despair. Doctors treat you like a number, nurses do not believe your pain levels, family and friends just can not wrap their heads around the pain and helpless feeling of despair. In one breath you want to take over the world …..then in a blink of an eye you just want to roll over and die!! The pain is so excruciating and relief seem to never come, then just hours to a few days later the roller-coaster of I’m ok but OH take it easy before another hits starts again.

Becoming in-tuned with your mind, your body, and your soul takes time, practice, focus, and a deep love on one’s “SELF”. Is it easy during a full blown sickle cell crisis? NO!! It’s not, but it can be done.

One of my tricks is to create a space….a location that is for me and me only. This space has things that makes me feel comfortable, smells that relax me such as candles,oils, & Incense (lavender & water-Lilly are 2 of my favs), pictures that brings smiles to my face, and access to things I do not want to walk far to obtain such as books, snacks, fluids to drink..yes I have a mini refrigerator in my master bedroom. My master bedroom is where I connect to & with myself. There is no stacks of laundry, paperwork, and things that can distract me. I have created a place for my mind body and soul~

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