Who is the Diva??

Lately thanks to facebook, my blog has been getting a great deal of traffic, generating a great deal of questions. So I thought I would try to respond to some of them in a short simple post.

Yes I do have seven children, with my biological oldest turning 22 years old in November 2010. He was my first proof that doctors truly are, “practicing” medicine. He has brought me tremendous amount of joy these past 22 years. My biological youngest is seventeen, and this is her last year in high school.

Yes, My husband past away in February 2000. He was the love of my life and was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in 1998. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of him and miss him dearly. Watching him go from a healthy, strong,active mail man to a fragile, non-responsive, gentle giant was one of the worst and difficult experiences I had to endure in all my life.

Five of my children are adopted. They are the biological children of my little cousin(biological cousin) who suffers from mental illness along with a few other personal issues. I fought long and hard (Social Services,Foster Parents, Courts, & Social Workers) to obtain all five of her children whom was scattered about in the foster care world (at the time all was under the age of six). I received the baby at four days old, whom is now eight years old and full of life. All five brings me a infinity amount of love and joy.

There are days I just can not get out of bed. I just can not prepare my “healthy” meals, slice and cut my favorite vegetables with lots of garlic. There are days anything tight on my skin drives me crazy…and I have a lot of those days.

I wear “The Body IPex” by Victoria Secrets wireless bra and tank tops….anything cutting into my flesh just wont do. (Closet Post “Coming Soon”)

I love natural juices, snacks, and meals far more than ANY processed foods, chemical filled, factory made items(true poison) and things that will make my heart and other organs work way too hard and damage them in the process.

I love to write..notes, stories, whatever comes to my mind, I am always making notes to myself and have boxes of journals I have been writing in for the past 15 years. (Ex-Wives; Ex-Husbands,In-Laws, Step-Children….I could blog forever with the journals I have in top of my closet)Reading is also another one of my passions.

I love my children, life, and the blessings God has bestowed upon me passionately, and due to sickle cell anemia I’ve learned to be humble, thankful, strong, and not afraid of living my life.~

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