Cleaning & Sickle Cell~…”Ouch”!

Anyone that has sickle cell knows cleaning your home is not easy to do! And there are days we walk past areas that we just can not touch, and don’t even think about trying. Yet there are days that we feel ok…sometimes pretty good even and those are the days the cleaning bug hits me.

Well last week it bit me good and hard so I got out of bed, put on my weather gear and off I went to Vons to rent a carpet shampoo machine. What the heck was I thinking??

Well let me tell you….
After this winter with all the construction, the new dog being indoors (who is now outdoors), and a new baby coming and going, the resent fires in the area and my kids friends of all ages traffic… I just could not take the layers of dust,dirt,and stains on my living room floor.

So I proceeded to shampoo my living room carpet. Now in the beginning things was fine the dirt was coming out, and I could actually start seeing the real color of my carpet. But then it hit! My left elbow started throbbing like the normal pain..a low grade tooth ache on a slow rise to a full root canal in my joints.

Well to make this post simple and short, my carpet got clean but my left arm was out of commission for 48 hours. The pain was hitting hard by the time the sun went down and I was standing in my bathroom sink with the water on HOT and my elbow to my wrist submerged. I kept rubbing my arm most of the night telling the sickle cell crisis to get lost I have to get that shampoo machine back in the morning and your getting in the way!!

It must have heard me because the next day, the crisis was gone but Woooooo the pain from the scare tissue was kicking my butt. I couldn’t even lift my arm over my head for the next 2 days.

I really was trying to pace myself but as usual I over did it! Cleaning and Sickle Cell is a daily, existing challenge!!

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