Fall is Here~*~Is the Sickle Cell Pain2?

I have been real busy trying not to get sick over the past few weeks, painting my office, getting the kids settle with school, homeschooling two of my younger boys, keeping myself healthy,getting proper rest and exercise and eating smart. This is a crazy juggling act but being the diva that I am I get it all done! Getting my two boys set up with their third year of homeschooling has been the biggest challenge. Our weekly hikes behind our home have been nice but that strange feeling all people with sickle cell gets sits in…”Is this activity going to cause a crisis”? Am I going to feel pain once I sit down or pick up speed?

When ever there is a change of seasons (Winter, Spring,Summer, Fall) there is always the chance several sickle cell crisis are not far behind. Unfortunately I can not live my life wondering is this the day a crisis is going to hit. So I pace myself, winterize my body with the proper attire, fill my insides with good nutritional foods, drinks, and healing herbs, and off I go! Taking the chance each and everyday! Yes Fall is here! Is the pain also? I just don’t even care, I’m living my life, “SickleCellDiva Style”~
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