Feeling Blessed During Fall~

The past few weeks I have been feeling really good. This is the first October in many years I have not gone to the hospital for something sickle cell related. I truly believe the few steps I have taken to live my life has made a significant change for the better. Practicing mindful eating is and was the first step I took a few years back.

Understanding “Everything” I put in my body and what it was going to do to me was and still is a daily way of life.

“Nourishing my awareness”, as one of my favorite shopping sites says http://www.sholiveoil.com/store/ is another way of life. From putting pure organic soaps on my skin to cooking with the best olive oil I can find, basically being aware of ME is and was an essential part of having sickle cell. There is no way a doctor can help me if I am not aware of my body inside and out.

And last but not least adding some essential supplements to my diet has helped me notice a significant difference in the way I feel on an everyday basis..here is my list which is steadily growing:

1.) Flaxseed Oil 1000mg ==I take 2 a day
2.) Milk Thistle 1000mg == I take 2 a day
3.) L-Arginine 500 mg == I take 2 a day
4.) Folic Acid 800mg == I take 1 a day
5.) Dietary Thiocyanate == I take 2 a day
6.) Sen Fen Formula == I take 2 a day
7.) Full Spectrum B w/Vitamin C == I take 1 tablet a day
Now those are my daily supplements …here are the doctors prescriptions:
1.) Hydroxurea 500 mg == 1 a day
2.) Amlodipine Besylate 2.5 mg == 1 a day (high blood pressure medication)

This is currently my daily supplement and prescription cocktail …and I have noticed a change!! I have been taking all of these for over six months and I feel great. Now I am not saying this combination is for everyone but I did my research based on ME, MYSELF, and I.

I haven’t felt like sitting much at the computer, instead I have been painting the inside walls my home, cleaning out closets, taking inventory of what everyone has and don’t have for the winter and relaxing. Living with sickle cell is a daily challenge. I wake each day with a peace of mind and a blessed outlook.

I enjoy cooking healthy, eating healthy, and special times with my loved ones, especially my new grand baby who brings so much joy to my life.

For all those with sickle cell…please keep smiling…learn your body and enjoy each and everyday God gives you~

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  1. Donyell says:

    Another one for you us to try dissolving your capsules in warm green tea instead of taking them directly. Every little bit helps 🙂

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