Something to Think About~

Something for you to think about….

My journey has been very interesting, Over the last ten years I have learned so much about myself and have come into my own skin. I thank God for the trials and tribulations he has brought me through. Because of them I have grown and matured into the person I am today. I have found myself cutting out a lot of unnecessary people that added no value to my life. It’s priority to surround myself with positive people who accepts me for me and not who they want me to be.

People that actually appreciate, treasure and values what we have. I make it a habit to always ask God to intervene whenever someone new or returning enters my life. I am loving my life right now…Being the “Sickle Cell Diva” I was meant to be~
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  1. Michaelle McCall says:

    <3 ing your site Sickle Cell Diva. I too suffer from SS & Beta Thalassemia major. Yeah rarely do you meet someone that has both. I have the best of My doctors are still astounded. Usually you have one gene of each which results in a milder form "sickle-beta" but I have two genes of both which gives me both diseases in full force. Visit my blog when you can: Stay Well, blessed & warm.

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