It’s A New Year…& A New Me 2011

Hello to all in this overflowing blogger world as well as the ever-growing facebook community. I am so amazed just how fast 2010 flew by. The turns and twist it took was exactly like a roller coaster last year. The never ending knowledge I received on health, family, life, & the value of each was a lesson I will never forget.

I watched my body go from always tired, on the boarder-line of pain today …Oh no pain tomorrow….to craving certain organic foods on the regular..

Taking a close look at ME! My life..My World …the foods and drinks I put into my body daily and at night…

The many many pills it takes to manage my Sickle Cell…

The endless closet of clothes to regulate the correct body temperature …ever so careful not to dress wrong and get thrown into a sickle cell crisis…

The people I am in constant communication with….

The love I give ALL seven of my children….

With all this being said, my pain is less, my blood count is up, my tiredness is more clear and understandable. What I put in my body…food & or Meds is 100% clear.

My clothes are the warmest they have ever been..

And I am so looking forward to this New Year with this New ME!!And apply..sharing..and networking all that I have to offer in the Sickle Cell World~

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