Tolerance is not an Addiction~

Its been awhile since I blogged but “life” has been moving at the speed of light for me and the time to put all my thoughts in the blogging world has not been a priority however going to the hospital last month dealing with uneducated hospital staff has moved me to return and share my thoughts.

This is actually a small section from my All things sickle cell book but I just wanted to share a portion of my thoughts.

There are thousands of medical staff, doctors, nurses whom just can not and do not understand that an “Addiction”…a physical & psychological dependence on a drug but have no real need for it…DOES NOT apply to all in the sickle cell world.

They often assume just because we are in the emergency room, crying, yelling, not being cooperative means we are there for drugs….We just want the pain to STOP!! By any means necessary!

What the medical world needs to know the majority of Sickle Cell Patients have built up a very strong “Tolerance” to most pain medication as well as certain doses. Now combine that with pain that is so horrific there are just no words to explain the invisible monster in our veins.

It’s important to understand having a tolerance for medication does not make a person an addict. Due to lack of knowledge of the sickle cell world this mistake happens way too much. Trying to explain this to a medical staff member during a full blown sickle cell crisis is not always easy to do. However once I am fully recovered I do make it a point to go back to whomever made the mistake and let them know…”TOLERANCE IS NOT AN ADDICTION”~
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  1. IamFabuluxe says:

    I'm so glad I found this site. As a young woman with sickle cell I always encounter circumstances where someone who is in the medical field not understanding how I can tolerate a pain medication or fear of not increasing the dosage when I am in pain because they think I'm some addict. It's more frustrating when you're being treated like an addict while you're going through a crisis. As if I'm making up the intense pain that I'm going thru just for the drugs. I don't have time to explain while I'm in extreme pain.

    • Patsy Johnson says:

      I no right u be in so much pain and they think u there just for the drugs it be so hard to tell them that y u and so much pain we just want it to stop and some of them just don’t understand it’s not like we ask to come hear with SSD it’s just not right.

  2. QueenBee says:

    Its really so annoying when people do not understand what you are going through. Sometime s I just wish they could go through it for a few minutes….

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