~Don’t Get Upset!!!

The Other day I was in my normal late afternoon mode…laptop to the side, remote control in hand, tall spagetti jar full of ice, water and a splash of mango juice and a few almonds on my notepad in front of me which I’ve been munching on while taking notes (yes I take notes all day long..brain just wont shut down)

As I’m flicking through channels and websites, I can hear my boys (14,12,& 9) in the back room. At first it was a low sound of play but within seconds it sound like a full on wrestling match going on, so I got up walked around the corner to their room and stood where they could not see me. And yes it was a full on take down, knock down play match going on. Now the rules in the house is no wrestling take it to the back yard but its sooooo cold they not really up to going out there. So I stood in front of the door way and said (calm but firm), “Hey!! You guys know the rules stop the rough playing before someone gets hurt! They all  chimed in, “Ok Mom…Sorry”, and I went back to my spot on my bed.

I dont think it was even 15 mins later and the same noise came rolling around the upstairs hallway again. Now everytime I yell from the location of my room, I can feel my heart, my blood, my lungs all tense up and if I’m really going off I am shortly out of breath, Now if I get to the point anger sets in along with the yelling there is no question about it I will start feeling some kind of sickle cell pain.

So the bottom line is….” DONT GET UPSET” …Stay calm,and control the breathing…When I do this I can feel my blood slowing down and pain not as intense. I can feel my heart rate going back to its orginal pace. Ok this is not easy but I have become pretty good at getting my mind, body, and breathing in check when things get crazy~ And I have to say this has come in handy when pain has began to set in!!

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  1. poeticjourney says:

    Good information again, you know I never thought of that. I had the thing I learn when I was yougger I knew when I got all tense up iit would intensifies, so I would get in position im comfortable thats with or without medication since I use to get it in my legs real bad. Always had my dad rub them to I ease off and went back to sleep. He actually taught me that, I guess he pick up on it when I relax I wouldnt be in such much pain. I hope you have a Good Merry Christmas! Stay warm, Bless! God Bless 🙂

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