Emergency Room Tip!!!

Many of Us whom suffer from sickle cell takes a great deal amount of trips to the emergency room. I have found it beneficial for myself over the years to take my own blanket, comfortable socks, easy access clothing so the staff can do what they need to do but I stay warm in the processes, and most important I do bring my medication that I am on so the medical staff knows exactly what I’m taking and the dosage, but…..

I keep several pain pills in a small silver case in my pocket because …..1.) they meaning the medical staff can be slow as molasses and take forever to get things rolling while you are waiting, and 2.) I like to control my pain and sometimes after I have had their meds for a few days or hours, I slowly like to take myself off of theirs so I can get home, and if I am still feeling just a little discomfort I still have my own with Me. (( This works for ME, I can not say this will work for everyone)).

Now on my last visit, they took my entire case of medication I brought with me and locked it up in the hospital safe. So its important to keep some on you if your hospital has the same policy and procedures.

Also like to keep my small silver pill case handy when I leave the house at all times, I dont always have the patients to dig for a pill bottle while I am in a crises or not feeling 100%~~

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    • Sicklecelldiva says:

      It was this particular hosptials policy….no outside medications allowed past admitting. Medications prescribed by my primary doctor such as my kidney meds, they would just bring me a dose from their pharmacy/dispensary….and yes they did charge for each and everything~

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