Losing Track of Time~

For most people going about their day, “Time management” is imperative. Although many try to hold on and mange their time wisely…time will always be the one thing that’s out of control for many….

However in the world of sickle cell, “Time” is not the same for Us. The moment that nurse hits that corner with that long shiny needle full of whatever drug that will stop your pain…it is a matter of seconds, “Time” will stop for Us, as we feel our body slip away into the state of numbness, as we feel our body start to float and become relaxed after so many minutes, hours, days, of tensing up, and dealing with horrific pain and discomfort, tears, trembles, shakes,agony,and much.. much crying….Time kinda stands still and then vanishes like a shooting star in the far, far, distance holding hands with the pain.

Until my eyes opens hours, maybe even a day or night later or when the pain strikes again in the middle of a slumber sleep, time will become this thick fog of a Alice in Wonderland type adventure~ From different size, shape nurses, and various hospital staff, to family members visiting on days I don’t recal, to nights interrupted by strange-looking and sometimes weird smelling lab techs needing to draw your blood while you just slipped into a deep medical induced sleep with and sometimes without sever sickle cell pain.

By the time the pain has completely stopped, and the crises is completely over….Days have passed by, school events has come and gone, outfits my children worn, meals my family ate, even pay-days and bills needing to be paid has vanished all to be re-paid the following month.

This, “time lose” usually are days for me and in the past it has been even weeks. With all this said, “Time” is so very precious to me and I take it very seriously. Since throughout my life from a young child to adult it is something I have lost on a regular basis and wanted back so very badly….. yet never got the chance to get to know~

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