Winter Time Must Haves!

Here are just a few of my “Winter Must Haves”….
*Trader Joe’s Electrolyte Enhanced Water
*Fiji Natural Artesian Water
*Zico Natural Pure Premium Coconut Water
*Trader Joe’s Lavender Body Oil
*Trader Joe’s Moisturizing Cream Extra Dry Formula
*Extra Strenght BenGay
*Cocoa Butter Body Butter Extra Rich Cream
*Blistex Lip Medex
*Lip Butter
*Super Cayenne Herbal Supplements
*Pill case(7 day count)

These are just a few things I use to help me get through the winter. Due to the simple facts those with sickle cell needs extra moistuer, “Inside & Out”…keeping water & moisturizing items very close by, really helps my skin from getting dry, cracked,& dull due to lack of healthy cells.Keeping my supplements & medication organized on a weekly basis also makes things a lot easier to maintain and keep track of.

Plenishing my body inside and out with items that makes my body move, function, and feel strong is a seasonal must!!


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