Another trip to Urgent Care!

Since Christmas has ended I have been running around like crazy to get the house back in order, kids ready to go back to school from Xmas break, dealing with some major car issues, young adults & teenagers SMDH, and enjoying the entertianing company of my one year old grandson….Damn! Thats a lot.

As I was sitting in the dealership at 10am Monday morning sharp, with all my documents needed to get a new car, I realized they had the damn air conditioner on blowing at full force. Now I rarely leave my house with out my second layer of skin (those who know me knows that is my bike riding wear under my clothes) and its very thick. But that cold was creeping through my jeans and turtle neck sweater.

So I get up and go walk around outside pretending to look at all the cars I dont want and try to get some sun on me but the wind was blowing and it was not hot. I could feel the pain starting to kick in strong…in my right knee!!

By the time the finance manger was ready for me to sign papers I was already chewing on my second vicodin and limping over to their cases of free water. And by the time he was telling me to sign here and there and over there it all was a blur and I just wanted to get home and in the bed.

But that wasnt going to happen becuase my 18yr old daughter was home sick from way too much partying and needed fresh lemons for tea. So I not only stopped on the way home for lemons I also stopped to pick her up som TomYumGoon (Hot & Sour Soup)
Well to make a long story short, I fought the pain until I just could not take it anymore and the following morning I got up and took myself to Kaiser and 5hrs later, 2 doses of moriphine, oxygen, and IV fluids….I’m back at home cooking dinner, doing laundry and working on my spreedsheets for next months bills…it was just another trip to Urgent Care~

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