Bengay Review~

A few weeks ago Bengay contacted me and asked if I would do a review on their products…of course I said YES!! Now in order for me to really use the product I had to wait for some serious pain to show up ….and it did!! Most recently in my leg which caused me to head to urgent care.
Anyone with sickle cell knows that moist heat works best for those of us with joint pain, so the “Cold Therapy” Menthol Pain Relieving Gel was not a good fit for me, however my twelve year old loves it!! His foot and ankle’s has been hurting him for the past few weeks due to P.E. and playing soccer on the weekends and he loves the Cold Therapy one.
Now the other one, “Bengay pain relief + massage”…that one got kinda warm and helped with mild pain, but I do like the massage applicator that is attached to it. I used that applicator with their “Ultra Strength” Bengay which I already keep supply of.

I’m not a fan of the Cold therapy and Pain Relief + massage applicator, but I do like the heating feeling the Ultra strength gives out when I’m in pain~


  1. P.Allen Jones says:

    Whenever I use anything with menthol in it I wrap the area with something to lock in the menthol effect. It keeps the area warm & helps the menthol to soak into the joint (or area of pain). This gives a deeper effect for pain relief. It works!!!!! I use menthol alcohol like this too (for joints)

    • Dionne says:

      I Agree!! Wrapping does help…I just cant wrap my joints in a warm towel of some sort cause as soon as the air hits …goodness!! Its painful all over again. But yes, wrapping the area ((if possible)) does do wonders! Thanks Ms.Jones for the great comment~

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