Diva’s Divine Art’s


Well I havent blogged in awhile because sickle cell is “Not” my entire world!And…. Due to the fact I have “Seven’ kids and one grandson I need  some form of outlet …something to relax and get away. With encouragement and inspiration from a few close friends and family I’ve decided to re-visit a childhood hooby and pastime….”Art”!! And I must say I have been having an amazing time.

It all started out with a deep desire to give each of my children a piece of Me to take with them into the world as they get older but instead it has turned into a past time I look forward to each and everyday now and with my Michael’s coupons & .59cent paints ….”Sickle Cell” has been the furthest from my mind the past month.

So with this said here are a few samples of my work! Enjoy~

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