Out of Total Hibernation !!

Its been awhile since I blogged! I have been not only in my “Painting Zone” but just in Total Hibernation  mode!! Having a few sickle cell crisis along the journey which is normal for the winter months for Me, I had one trip to urgent care and one transfusion back in October. I must say its been a slow and actually fun winter for me and I am welcoming and enjoying all parts of spring. I’ve replinshed my body scrubs to get my skin ready for spring and summer and I am pulling back the curtains!

My favorite find thus far is my “Skinnygirl Lip Scrub”..OMG!! I love this stuff it gets rid of all the extra layers of skin on my lips which is a constant issue due to the sickle cell, and this lip scrub leaves my lips silky smooth. And I top it off with the “Skinnygirl Plumping Lipgloss”..Yep I am a Total Diva coming out of Total Hibernation~


  1. poeticjourney says:

    Hey, wanted to check in on you, havent heard from you in awhile. I thought I was following you, but i make sure to follow you once I’m done posting. I do hope all is well on your end. I learn something new just visiting your blog today! God Bless 🙂

    • Dionne says:

      Thank for checking in!! Summer is alwways a difficult time for Me but I’m hanging in there. Hope all is well with you as well ;-)…God Bless & Thanks for visiting~

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