Good~Bye 2012~!!!

Hello All in the lovely world of “Blogging:!! It’s been awhile since I posted and this is way long over due….I just gotta say living with sickle cell, being a single parent ( it would have been 16yrs with my husband if he was still alive this November 3rd) and attempting to live a somewhat normal life…Ok this is just impossible with the amount of pain, medication’s, and limitations. But I am still here by the grace of God!!

Eating healthy, drinking healthy fluids & water continuously and staying stress free is HARD!! I do have my moments of weakness and I have that Sprite soda, or those McDonald french fries, and I sometime skip that high blood pressure pill by accident. It’s a difficult life style and my blood never stays at the ideal levels for Me (8.5 & Up) ….

But as I say good-bye to another year I know I am blessed to be here and although there is so much to complain about this genetic disorder from HELL…I am so very Thankful for each and every second I take a breath…Good~Bye 2012 its been a great journey ( My grand-baby, My Art class, My new friends in My Art class, My one year anniversary with my Benz, My daughter’s first job & car,…OMG my 2012 list is sooooo long) Good Bye…It’s been a blast!!

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